Eating healthy prepared meals away from home has never been more civilized!

A superior patent-pending product
that is stylish, thermally
insulated, and leak proof.

Built to last for many, many years, if
not a lifetime, sustainability is
one of the many benefits.

The shallow bowl shape allows for
a knife, fork, spoon or chopsticks to be
used, supporting diverse cultural
eating experiences.

Packing home cooked meals for on the go has never been easier!

Prepare your meals at home and keep them steaming hot or icy cool for several hours.
Throw the container in your bag, back pack, or seat of your car, and never
worry about spills.
Civilized eating on the go!

Finally, I can pack healthy meals for my kids lunches with virtually no limitations!


A product that keeps my meals at temperature. No more communal fridges or microwaves!

Office Employees

At long last, a thermal food container that can handle some on the job rough and tumble, without leaking!

Trades People

I can now enjoy my kitchen creations on the go! How very civilized!

Foodies and Home Chefs

A Piknik Every Day