5 Reasons to Start Using Reusable Food Containers

If you’re like many busy moms or working professionals, you’re probably working hard to lead a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Maybe you’ve already started minimizing plastic and waste from your household as much as possible. Carrying a glass or metal water bottle, reusable straws, and shopping from the bulk food bins are all popular ways to use less plastic.  Finding the best eco-friendly food containers should be next on your list! If swapping out your go-to lunchbox hasn’t been a priority, we have some insight you won’t want to miss… 

1. You’ll reduce waste. 

According to data from the Environmental Protect Agency, each of us generates approximately 4.4 pounds of non-recyclable waste per day. That’s an alarming statistic. When it comes to minimizing waste and leading a more eco-friendly lifestyle, reusable, truly sustainable food containers are a great place to start. Ditch the plastic baggies, saran wrap, plastic utensils, and brown paper bags and upgrade your lunch routine to cut down on your waste!  

Investing in the right reusable food container for your lifestyle is important. There are a lot of products on the market that claim to be eco-friendly just because they are reusable, but how sustainable are those flimsy plastic takeout containers, really? If you’re really committed to making an impact, invest in a solution that will truly cut down on your plastic waste for the long-haul. Look for a container that will last, and one that is designed to work with a variety of dishes and utensils, so you don’t have to replace it when you perfect a new recipe at home! Really think about how you cook, and how you want to eat when you’re away from home so you’re investing in the right eco-friendly container.

2. They look great. 

If you’re stuck in a rut when it comes to packed lunches, you’re not alone. There are so many creative ideas for elevating lunchtime out there! From cooking a family favorite that’s been passed down for generations to trying your hand at a brand new recipe, the ability to show off your unique style, tastes, and talents is one of the best parts of spending time in the kitchen. If you’re putting time, energy, and money into cooking healthy and delicious meals for yourself and your family at home, shouldn’t the container you transport and serve them in reflect that? 

Reusable containers help you add a little style and civility to your meal time. Whether you’re sharing your latest home-cooked creation on Instagram or simply eating a quick meal at your desk, your lunch container makes a statement. Show off your culinary talents and your commitment to sustainability in a fresh, bold way. 

3. They protect your food on-the-go. 

You should be able to eat delicious, healthy meals on-the-go just as easily as you can at home. However, if you’ve carried your lunch in a brown paper sack or plastic baggies while you’re out and about, you know that’s not necessarily the case. It’s easy for food to get squished in a backpack or tote bag during transport to and from the office or school, making it unappealing and difficult to eat. Plus, without the right reusable food container, you have to contend with holes in bags, cracks, and leaky containers, leading to an inedible lunch and unpleasant experiences. We’ve all heard horror stories of a messy lunch leaking on to a presentation or a laptop, haven’t we? 

Premium reusable containers, like the Piknik bowl, are well-built, thermally insulated, and leak proof.  You don’t have to worry about rips, leaking, bruised produce, or squashed sandwiches and crackers. These durable portable food containers are designed to help busy, on-the-go people like you protect your food and keep it fresh as you’re going about your daily hustle — whether that takes you to work, school, the gym, or anywhere!    

4. They keep your food hot (or cold) longer.  

Trying to find foods that are healthy, tasty, and easy to eat on-the-go can be a challenge. Many businesses don’t provide a microwave or adequate refrigerator space for employees, which limits your options even further. If you’re packing lunches for your kids, they often run into the same types of issues in the school cafeteria. When that’s the case, disposable lunch and take out containers do little to keep your meal at the correct temperature, which generally leads to people opting for more processed foods, eating out more frequently, or even eating food that is potentially unsafe. 

On the other hand, well-made eco-friendly food containers are typically double-walled and vacuum-insulated, designed to help keep your hot food hot  and cold food cold throughout the day, so you can enjoy a nice meal whenever and wherever it is most convenient for you. That opens the door to a whole new world of exciting and nutritious food options when you and your family are away from the kitchen.

5. You’ll save money. 

Do you ever stop and think about how much you really spend on disposable options for on-the-go meals? A few dollars here and there adds up quickly, especially when you or your family are consistently packing meals for school or work. It’s not uncommon for a family to spend hundreds of dollars each year on brown paper bags, plastic bags, plastic silverware, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and other disposable foodware options. That money is simply going down the drain when the products up in the trash — and filling up landfills — after a single use. 

On the flip side, a reusable food container makes much more financial sense. They may have a higher upfront cost, but it’s a one time expense. If you invest in durable insulated food containers, they will last you and your family for years, unlike plastic and paper bags that you have to replace regularly. Plus, we’ve seen people who invest in reusable food containers often waste less food and eat out less, which means they’re saving money on groceries and restaurants. If you add up the costs, reusable containers generally pay for themselves in a matter of months and can add up to huge cost-savings and health benefits for families over time. 

Introducing Piknik

When you’re considering investing in reusable food containers, get to know Piknik. We’ve taken the best features from all the reusable containers on the market and combined them into one stylish, leak-proof, and eco-friendly container that’s perfect for families on the go! Our double-walled and vacuum-insulated containers are designed to keep food hot or cold throughout the day, which makes it easy to eat a variety of healthy foods while you’re out and about. Plus, you’ll love our unique bowl-shaped design and bold color options that will add a little extra spark to your lunch.   

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