Joining the Reusable Food Container Trend: What Retailers Should Know About Sustainability

Red Piknik reusable food container

Everyone is looking for the products and services that help them lead healthier lifestyles, save money, and protect the environment — including the Piknik team. In fact, the whole Piknik concept started because our team was frustrated trying to balance creating healthy, on-the-go meals for our families — we have 12 kids between the three of us, so we make A LOT of lunches — while minimizing the long-term environmental impact of single-use paper and plastic materials. A little bit of research and brainstorming proved that we’re not alone in our desire to lead greener lifestyles.  Retailers today are always looking for more ways to connect with environmentally-savvy parents and home chefs, so we’ve put together a list of trends and stats to help with your consumer analysis and research! 

Understanding sustainability

Consumers are craving a deeper, richer understanding of what sustainability means and how to implement eco-friendly practices into their everyday life. A recent survey from the International Food Information Council Foundation found that 63% of people struggle to understand whether the food choices they make are sustainable, and 63% said environmental sustainability would have a greater influence on their choices if it were easier to understand. With that in mind, it seems that education is a key component that those of us in the housewares industry can work towards. 

Here at Piknik, we not only designed new foodware and beverageware that is as durable and sustainable as it is functional, but we also work hard to educate others on the impact their choices have on our environment. Through our website, blog, and social channels, we strive to educate others about lifestyle changes and general practices — such as reducing waste and one-time-use plastics — that help create a healthier, greener world. For retailers, things like sustainable cooking classes, demonstrations, creating a greener retail space, offering product spec sheets for green products, and other content resources that help educate your customers are all great first steps. 

Waste reduction

Sustainable packaging and waste reduction are one of the emerging food trends in 2020 as people become more aware of the environmental dangers of single-use plastics. This growing pressure on companies has led not only to innovations in compostable and biodegradable packaging but also shifted how consumers are personally packing and transporting their food. There has been a rise in premium reusable food containers and reusable metal bottles that help people go zero-waste with their lunches and on-the-go meals and minimize one-time-use plastics that end up in landfills and waterways. 

Companies and retailers that put a focus on zero-waste and reusable foodware products, bags, and packaging are likely to attract sustainability-minded consumers. Here at Piknik, we strive to minimize packaging when we ship our containers and we offer durable cotton bags that make transporting our Piknik bowls, Quench water bottles, Cheers drink tumblers, Celebrate stemless flutes, or Bamboo utensils — or whatever your shoppers want to put inside — easy and eco-friendly! 

The “Un-Diet” 

Gone are the days of “lose weight fast” and fad diets. Studies show that today’s consumers are less interested in food restrictions and dieting and more concerned with developing healthier relationships with food overall. In fact, the IFIC Foundation found that 49% of consumers ages 18-34 are familiar and supportive of the idea of mindful and intuitive eating. If you’re looking to attract Millennial and Gen Z shoppers, in particular, products that promote moderation, balance, and a healthy lifestyle overall are going to be popular. 

Hence the rise in popularity of reusable and insulated food containers that allow consumers to eat all types of healthy meals on-the-go. Our containers are stylish, thermally-insulated, and leak-proof, which makes them a great option for those wanting to eat healthy meals when they’re away from home. Your customers will be able to eat their favorite, fresh foods whenever and wherever they’re hungry. This empowers them to make healthier choices on their terms. The wide, shallow bowl shape also accommodates a variety of different foods and utensils, including chopsticks, to foster a civilized eating experience for any cultural or personal dietary preferences.

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Retailers, if you’re looking for the latest in sustainable and eco-friendly foodware for your store, we’d like to introduce Piknik! We’ve taken the best features from other products on the market and created stylish, easy-to-use, eco-friendly food containers, bottles, tumblers, and more. With Piknik, customers can enjoy a civilized, healthy meal wherever they choose. We’re always looking to partner with retailers and businesses that put as much of a focus on healthy and sustainable living as we do! Interested? Get in touch with us about selling Piknik products in your store.

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