Our Story

Natalie Green

Craig Bauer

Gordon Taschuk

Innovation, family, balance, sustainability, health, civility. These are the principles upon which Piknik is built. Every decision we make fosters these values, for not only our customers, but our partners, our employees, their families, and ourselves. We endeavor to make a positive impact in everything we do.

Piknik Company is newly founded by business partners Craig Bauer, Gordon Taschuk, and Natalie Green. Having successfully run businesses together in the past, and with strong backgrounds in business management, production management, customer service, sales and marketing, we knew we had the right formula for success.

Each of us parents to a combined total of 12 children, we’ve packed a lot of lunches over our lifetimes. We’ve all also experienced many days of long hours at the office, with no time to escape to a restaurant. We would often discuss our frustration by the lack of functional products available to pack meals for “on the go”.

After many months spent researching the thermal food container industry, we concluded that there was no one product available that supported eating home prepared meals, away from home, in a truly civilized manner, with minimal impact to the environment.

Insulated containers with sealing leak proof lids are typically cylindrical in shape. This limits the types of meals that can be packed and enjoyed in their original form. Products that do currently exist in the shape of a shallow bowl or plate do not have sealing lids. They come in plastic, which is not sustainable, not leak proof, does not hold temperature and absorbs the colour and smell of foods. Glass containers are easily breakable and the lids not reliable. Stainless steel containers that are shallow and wide may hold some temperature, but they seal by clips or snap on lids, making them spill proof, but not leak proof.

And so Piknik™ was born!

At Piknik, we aim to significantly impact our customers by providing reusable, durable, sustainable, functional products that allows them to enjoy prepared meals away from home. Our products will give our customers the ability to eat their meals at the desired temperature and in a very civilized manner, regardless of where they choose to enjoy them. We are supporters of our customers’ cultural and home based healthy food lifestyle, no matter where their day takes them.