Meet Piknik — Let's Get to Know Each Other!

Piknik is new on the sustainable foodware scene, so we wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves. If we can’t meet face-to-face, we figured a digital introduction is the next best thing!

We’re Craig Bauer, Gordon Taschuk, and Natalie Green — the founders of Piknik! We’re entrepreneurs, business professionals, and parents ourselves — we have 12 kids all together — so we’ve all experienced the daily struggle of packing balanced, healthy meals to eat on-the-go. The short and sweet version of our story is that we were tired of wasteful single-use plastic and paper options, but struggled to find an eco-friendly reusable food container that met our needs. We wanted a high-quality, reusable option that allowed us to enjoy all of our favorite foods — from pad thai to a burger 'n fries — on-the-go in a civilized and sustainable way! After a lot of brainstorming and research, Piknik was born!

Currently, we have an array of reusable and eco-friendly food and beverage containers, including:

So why is Piknik different from other sustainable and eco-friendly containers on the market? That’s definitely a fair question, and the answer comes down to design and materials.  

  • Our reusable food containers and drinkware are copper lined, made with food-grade stainless steel, and thermally insulated to keep your food and drinks at the appropriate temperature! 
  • All of our reusable containers are designed to stand up to busy, on-the-go lifestyles. They’re durable, leak-proof, and easy to carry, which makes them the perfect option for transporting healthy meals to and from school, the office, or wherever the day may lead!
  • We hate being limited when we’re trying to eat on-the-go! That’s why the unique bowl shape accommodates a variety of foods and utensils (including chopsticks) to support a culturally diverse and civilized dining experience while out and about. 
  • Our beverage bottles, tumblers, and flutes pull double duty and can keep drinks cold or hot for several hours. That makes it a versatile option for both indoor and outdoor entertaining — from your morning coffee to your evening cocktail. 
  • The sleek and modern design and bold color options allow users to show off their unique personality and culinary creativity whenever and wherever they want!  

With Piknik, it has never been easier to enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals on the go! 

Limited-Time Offer

Our products are officially set to launch this spring and we’d love for you to be a part of our journey to help people lead healthier, more sustainable lifestyles. To celebrate the upcoming launch, we’ve got a special, limited-time offer just for retailers…

Place your order now and receive: 

  • 20% off all orders of $2,000 or more.
  • 15% off all orders of $1,000 up to $2,000.
  • 10% off all orders of $500 up to $1,000.

Payment is due prior to order shipping in June. Piknik products must be ordered in groups of 8 units per color, with a minimum total of $500 per transaction to receive wholesale pricing.

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